Summer 2019 Newsletter


Welcome New Platform Partners and Collaborators!

Moffatt Nichol

Jaime Pabon and Lynette Cardoch have helped vet the viability of a storm water management system that works with the topography and hydrology of Villas del Sol.

Angel Pagan-Ocasio

Angel, a mapping engineer and cartographer with the Federal Highway Administration, has volunteered his time to create a more accurate topographic model of Villas del Sol.


Clair McKenna and Manuel Fontan have been instrumental in providing water and electric infrastructure conceptual plans for Villas del Sol in Barrio Ingenio.

DesignED 4 Resilience:

Margaret (Maggie) Favretti has been partnering with the Barrio Ingenio Community Center and high school teachers to lead student workshops on climate change. Focused on real community challenges, Maggie has been educating and empowering the next generation of leaders.

Toa Baja Kick Off.jpg

Municipality of Toa Baja Kick-Off Workshop

ResilientSEE partners - MIT Urban Risk Lab supported by Perkins+Will - kicked off the piloting of an early resilient planning tool. This first workshop was about assessing the resources, gaps, ongoing efforts and aspirations of the Municipality as they continue transforming themselves into a more resilient and sustainable place. The next workshop will be scheduled soon and will dive deeper into identifying resources or solutions to gaps, and strategies for mitigation and preparedness.


Villas del Sol Resilient Framework Plan

We have developed a conceptual framework plan for Villas del Sol that prioritizes open space, ideas for stormwater management, a potable water system, and an electrical microgrid. We are working with different partners to vet the concepts and in some cases identify funds. Work in progress includes:

  • Architect Elio Martinez Joffre provided original CAD plans for the community and facilitated the first meeting with the community leader.

  • Engineer Angel Pagan-Ocasio provided an updated post-María topographic map.

  • Perkins+Will has created a conceptual open space plan and is facilitating the framework plan development.

  • Moffatt Nichol has been helping understand the viability of a passive stormwater management system.

  • WSP has developed concepts for a potable water and a micro grid systems.

  • Hispanic Federation has committed funds for the water cistern and other funders such as Water Mission/Red Cross are expressing interest too (to be confirmed).

  • Puerto Rico Resilient Power is providing advice to further the viability of the micro grid.

  • EPA has made themselves available to discuss a leaching field concept which requires more study.

Villas del Sol Framework Plan.jpg
Barrio Ingenio Community Center.jpg

Barrio Ingenio Community Center / ACUTAS

We met with leaders of ACUTAS in the Barrio Ingenio Community Center. We will be helping them with ideas for space management of adjacent structures that they currently can’t access but have rights to occupy. We are also facilitating connections to resources for other needs such as street lighting and a water cistern.


[PODCAST] Union of Concerned Scientist: Building a More Resilient Puerto Rico with Clean Energy

Listen to the podcast featuring Ramón Bueno and Yanel de Angel:

Marc Wouters presents at ResilientSEE-PR Monthly Call

Thank you Marc for sharing your various planning projects in New York City. During the call we discussed valuable similarities of resilient planning needs and the importance of community ownership of the plan through an integrated process. If others want to host a monthly call, please reach out to Yanel de Angel.