Puerto Rico Keep Safe Guide


Puerto Rico Keep Safe is a resilient housing guide for home owners, designers and developers in the Island. The guide is led by Enterprise Community Partners, an organization that advocates for affordable and equitable housing. After Hurricane María, Enterprise secured financial donations to develop a comprehensive guide to rebuild or build ground up dwellings. Members of the ResilientSEE alliance are technical partners for Enterprise, contributing thought leadership, content, drawings and strategic organization for the guide.

The guide is set to be published - free to the general public – during the summer of 2019, and a training program for communities will follow shortly after. A huge thanks to Erika Ruíz and Laurie Schoeman (Global Resilience Director) at Enterprise Community Partners for leading this great effort. The guide is divided into the following components:

  1. Introduction:
    Focuses on risks and vulnerabilities by region and how to use the guide

  2. A Safer Site:
    Details site safety, including particularities of different geographic conditions

  3. Building Protection:
    Details resilient construction practices, customized for tropical buildings

  4. Adaptive Design / Passive Survivability:
    Outlines passive survivability strategies

  5. Energy Generation and Backup:
    Shows the importance of renewable energy strategies, especially implementing solar power

  6. Water Management and Storage:
    Shows how to consume less water in a more environmentally friendly way and how to store water safely

  7. Emergency Preparedness:
    Explains how to prepare and deal with an emergency

  8. Community Engagement: Prepare for Action Together:
    Uses the community as the foundation for resilient housing and includes ways to organize a community organization

  9. Putting it all Together:
    Focuses on codes, laws and how all the strategies come together