Puerto Rico Resilient Community Hubs Guide


Currently under development and set to be published summer 2019, this guide focuses on how to organize communities around a resilient hub and how to integrate resilient strategies. In many cases, the hub is a Community Center building. Whether an existing, new, or temporary structure, the hub could vary in size and location. The guide aims to provide best practices applicable to hubs of every scale.

The development of this guide is an extension to the Puerto Rico Keep Safe Guide. It is a partnership between Enterprise Community Partners, Re-Imagina Puerto Rico, Mercy Corps Puerto Rico, Global Green, and ResilientSEE partners (Waggonner & Ball, Studio Enée, Design Ed Resilience, University of Puerto Rico and Perkins and Will).

This highly graphic guide is organized in three parts:

Part 1: Community Organization

  • Create a Community Profile & Map

  • Host Community Organization Meetings

  • Develop an Emergency Preparedness Plan

Part 2: Operating a Resilient Community Hub

  • Non-Emergency vs Emergency (Pre / During / After)

Part 3: Physical Assets to Support a Community Hub

  • Permanent vs Temporary Elements

  • Meeting + Kitchen + Admin + Shelter + Clinic

  • Passive Survivability, Structure, Power, Water, Waste, Communication