Villas del Sol Resilient Planning Framework Plan


Villas del Sol is a community located in the Toa Baja Municipality in land formley used for Tabaco production, and near the coast. Organized as a cooperative, the community settled in this location about 10 years ago and owns title to land. The land is organized in 175 parcels for dwelling development, common roads and shared space where a Community Center is located. While they lack infrastructure, many families have been building their homes in the parcel given to them. Many of these houses are already elevated from the ground providing a sacrificial floor for flooding protection. Given the imminent infrastructure need, Phase 1 focuses on Stormwater Management, Green, Sewage, Water and Electric Infrastructure. While Phase 1 considers economic and social aspects to inform physical planning, subsequent phases will focus on community program development and various training – all in partnership with other organizations.

In partnership with Sol es Vida – Villas del Sol’s non-profit organization - many ResilientSEE alliance members are working together to develop a Resilient Framework Plan for the community. Collaborators include:

  • Architect and Professor Elio Martinez Joffre, Social Architecture Studio, School of Architecture, University of Puerto Rico

  • Jean Carlos Vega: volunteer designer

  • WSP: electric and water distribution

  • Water Mission: water cistern for domestic water

  • Moffat Nichol: hydrology and environmental bio-diversity

  • SGH: structural design

  • Perkins and Will: lead planner

  • Puerto Rican Planning Society: planning advisor

  • Waggonner & Ball: planning advisor

  • INESI, University of Puerto Rico: strategic advisor, community peer to peer facilitator