With a S-E-E approach to resilience, communities can be better prepared to manage and recover from cascading social, environmental, and economic consequences of an extreme weather event. Our mission is to raise awareness, share knowledge, and create lasting, positive change in Puerto Rico.


We’re in this together, for as long as it takes.

Rebuilding Puerto Rico will take time and require the efforts of many.

We empower local communities.

We help launch grassroots campaigns that demand accountability.

We design and build partnerships.

We believe in a participatory process driven by the community.

We see the whole-community perspective.

Our vision for the future includes everyone.

We collaborate with policymakers.

But our work transcends politics.

We support economic development.

By making the physical environment resilient, development can occur and the economy can thrive long-term.

We educate.

By learning from each other, we can grow together and empower the next generation.