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ABX2018 / From the Ground Up: Grassroots Initiatives

  • Boston Convention and Exhibit Center 415 Summer Street Boston, MA 02210 (map)

Session: WD01

Title: From the Ground Up: Grassroots Initiatives


How can we have a positive impact on our world? In recent years grassroots movements have increased as people seek to fill voids in social, policy, and implementation aspects of the built environment. Grassroots movements are often initiated in the public realm, with architects and designers playing a role alongside other professionals and members of the public to achieve a community, regional, or even national goal. Whatever the goal of grassroots movements- whether to change policy, to support disadvantaged groups, or to add physically to the built environment- there are common challenges. These include identifying a need, building support, growing effectively, and ultimately implementing measures to address the need. In this keynote discussion we bring together architectural practitioners, educators, and community engagement professionals to explore the genesis, execution, and growth of grassroots movements as they relate to the design community along with the skills that we as designers can bring to their success.


Yanel de Angel

Kristen Chin

Courtney Sharpe

Jennie Stephens

Jennifer Hardy