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ABX2018 / Post-Maria Puerto Rico: Defining Resilient Recovery


Session: TH03

Title: Post-Maria Puerto Rico: Defining Resilient Recovery


Co-sponsored by the BSA’s Global Practice Network and the Committee on Resilient Environments (CORE), this panel presentation and discussion will examine the state of recovery in Puerto Rico. Hurricanes Irma and Maria highlighted the long-term challenges of this Caribbean country at the frontlines of a changing climate. The initial disaster response exposed systems and processes that – while often not ideal – must be recognized and examined for their potential to influence long-term recovery. Pedro Sifre, who has documented conditions on the ground in 2018, will present historical context and the current state of recovery. Ramón Bueno, who has studied the links between climate change impacts and societal and economic conditions, will explore resilience as an equitable balance of social, environmental, and economic concerns, informed by the best climate science available. Dave Hampton, who has assisted in the recovery efforts in Haiti and elsewhere will frame a discussion around the central questions: what is resilient recovery? From what? For whom? And who decides? This interactive session is intended to spark further discussion on how design professionals can better impact recovery at home and abroad.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion, participant will be able to articulate and describe the profound and lasting impact of devastating events on the social, economic, and environmental fabric of a jurisdiction

Upon completion, participant will be able to identify critical challenges through the four lenses of: (1) built environment and infrastructure, (2) natural environment, (3) communities, and (4) governance

Upon completion, participant will be able to define "recovery" and distinguish different points along the recovery spectrum: immediate response, short-term, and long-term recovery

Upon completion, participant will be able to develop realistic action items for design professionals to bring resilient recovery to the mainstream and increase the adaptive capacity of these concepts


Dave Hampton, re:ground, LLC

Pedro Sifre, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Ramón Bueno, Independent Consultant

Mark Careaga, Payette